Installment of Consolidation Loan?


The E-Crediter loan is another product in installments. Quite a large admissibility and a high acceptable age of the borrower makes sure that older people will be happy to look at it. PLN 7,000 payable even in 30 installments allows to spread the cost of the loan for a long period of time. see for further notes

E-Crediter loan – information and opinion for those interested in the installment loan

E-Crediter loan - information and opinion for those interested in the installment loan

Loan amount: 2000 – 7000
The borrower’s age: 20 – 80 years old
Self deposit no
Maximum loan period up to 30 months
Interest 10%
APRC 97.01%
Installment at the maximum loan PLN 497.92
Loan without Retrodatabase no
Credit holidays no
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E-Crediter debt relief loan

E-Crediter debt relief loan

For many average debtors, the E-Crediter loan will be fulfilled as a home relief loan by lowering the amount of monthly payments, eg for repayment of payday loans. E-Crediter is an online service owned by Rankomat. Under his banner, the loan company SMS Credit provides loans. E-Crediter offers loans in the amount of 2000 to 7000 PLN. There is really little formalities, and the whole procedure can be done online. The money is transferred to the borrower’s account within 3 business days from the date of conclusion of the contract (in the case of cash withdrawal at the Poczta Polska or Pekao bank branch – up to 5 calendar days). Unlike other payday loans, E-Crediter gives you the option of spreading loan repayment in convenient installments – repayment period from 6 to 30 months. The total cost of the loan, which consists of interest in the amount of twice the statutory interest and commission, depends on the repayment period – the shorter the payment, the lower the fees.

Free loan in E-Crediter

E-Crediter, unlike some loan companies, does not offer free payday loans. However, if you are interested in a free loan, you can take advantage of one of the free waiting lists available online.

Does E-Crediter check Retrodatabase?

The lender, i.e. the SMS Credit company, verifies Retrodatabase when assessing the creditworthiness of clients. So in order to successfully apply for a payday in this company, you should take care of a positive story in the Credit Information Bureau. A negative entry can significantly hinder or even prevent you from getting a loan.

Does E-Crediter check the SDR?

SDR is also subject to verification, SMS Credit company will check if there are negative entries about it in it.

Does E-Crediter check BIG InfoMonitor and Driff?

As for BIG InfoMonitor, the answer is clear, because from the information on the E-Crediter website it appears that the person applying for the loan will be checked in the register of this BIG. Doubts arise in the case of Driff – E-Crediter does not explicitly state that the client is subjected to verification in this database, but points out that it checks “other such records”. Knowing, however, about the established position of Driff, it is difficult to assume that the lender would not mention him among the tested bases if he wanted to check it. The conclusion is obvious.

Does E-Crediter check other debtors’ databases?

From the information on the website, it is not possible to deduce which debtor databases, except those mentioned above, are checked by E-Crediter. However, it is worth remembering that any negative entry in one of the debtors’ databases may deprive you of the chance to take out a loan. So take care not to appear in any of these registers.

Applying for a loan in E-Crediter is relatively simple. Importantly, all the formalities you can do without leaving your home, as befits a racial online loan.

What is the process of applying for a loan in E-Crediter?

The process of applying for a loan in E-Crediter can be presented in the following points:

  1. Definitely about the loan amount and the preferred repayment date.
  2. Filling out the application on the E-Crediter website (after clicking “Take a loan… PLN”).
  3. Waiting for consideration of the application.
  4. Receiving decisions via SMS or by phone.
  5. Signing the contract, delivered by courier.
  6. Transferring money to an account or picking up cash at a Pekao bank or at a Poczta Polska outlet.

Extending the repayment deadline in E-Crediter.

The offer, in itself, assumes a long repayment period, so the E-Crediter loan does not give customers the option to extend the loan repayment date. If the repayment delay is at least 3 days, please contact the lender by calling 71 719 33 42.

What are the consequences of the E-Crediter loan default?

Interest for delayed repayment is also twice as high as statutory interest, so it amounts to 14% per annum. In a situation where the borrower is in arrears with the repayment of at least two monthly installments, the lender may terminate the contract with a notice period of 30 days. Before terminating the contract, the loan company will send a call to pay arrears. If, within 14 days of receipt of the call, the consumer fails to settle the obligation, then the SMS Loan will seek to repay the debt in court and enforcement. In such a situation, the Borrower may be charged with the costs of the enforcement proceedings and the court proceedings.

Additional information about the E-Crediter loan.

It is worth noting that E-Crediter gives customers the opportunity to repay the entire loan amount ahead of schedule. Then the total cost of the loan will be reduced – for the period in which the client does not already have the money he borrowed, no interest is accrued. It is also possible to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of its conclusion. After withdrawing from the contract, there are 30 days for the return of the loaned amount together with statutory interest.

E-Crediter loan – what is the installment made of?

Non-bank loans do not exaggerate low costs, however E-Crediter keeps the costs at an acceptable level. Costs are, as usual, the sum of the willingness to earn and calculating the amount of losses that non-bank companies incur due to unpaid loans.

How much does it cost the E-Crediter loan and if you apply

what will you incur the cost of consolidating payday loans?

E-Crediter is a maximum of 7 thousand zlotys broken up for repayment in a maximum of 30 installments. In such a system, after a total repayment of two and a half years, you will pay twice as much as you borrowed, that is PLN 15873,02. it is still a small cost compared to the fees generated by payday loans. Especially when there are problems with repayment.

By paying each month, the installment in E-Crediter will be repaid in the following order: interest, operating fee, capital. In the end, the costs of an example loan will be closed and the following will be proportional:Representative example: A condition for granting a loan is a positive result of the creditworthiness assessment. The actual annual interest rate for a representative example of a loan in the amount of PLN 3,000 for a period of 24 months is 106.84%. Loan repaid in equal principal and interest installments in the amount of 244.65 PLN with a fixed interest rate of 10.00% per annum, interest on the loan amount of 322.86 PLN and a commission of 2550.00 PLN. The total amount to be repaid by the consumer is PLN 5871.15.